About Us

The Model…

State Security Agency LLC. displays a unique example of how industry trends and expectation are created.
Our focus on individually tailored service programs for commercial locations is the dialogue that sets us apart from everyone else.
A strong focus on hospitality leads the culture of security service provided by State Security.
Our approach to management sets us apart from other companies.  Communication is the primary focus between management and guards with procedures in place to promote accountability and efficiency.  Our management team is comprised mostly of individuals with long and established careers in law enforcement as police officers, investigators and detectives from local and state law enforcement agencies providing an invaluable network and extensive resources for the company and the clients we serve.  

The People…

We pride ourselves on hiring from the top 5% of the recruiting pool. Low turnover, long contract duration, and dedication to proper business management allow us to process 20 applicants for every 1 position we hire for.
Our Operations Department hand selects our associates on a site specific basis. Therefore, we can guarantee our people are best suited for our clients’ specific needs.
We staff premier associates, minimize turnover, and deliver value based service with
confidence. Our employees receive the highest wages agreed upon by our clients.

The Price…

Our prices are wage driven then based on our standard markup percentage.  Our management, training, and unique programs are included for every client no matter the
final agreed upon price.
You can expect the most professional of our associates at your location for a competitive price.  The difference will be the value delivered on a daily basis.
Please contact us for more information regarding pricing.  We would be pleased to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Our Team…

Darrel Foster: VP of Operations
Darrel is a 25 year veteran of the New York State Police.  During his tenure, he worked on several high-profile investigations with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.  Darrel has experience providing security to institutions such as the Jacob Javits Center and was responsible for the protection for President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Elton John, Beyonce and other key figures.  He brings his operational expertise and network to privatized security with a clear vision to raise the bar in the industry.

From the Vice President

“My company approaches business from an operational level. I hold strong to the values of building a reputation instead of a list of clients. We have always operated within our operational capacity in order to provide the service we promise. We never spread our resources thin and that our clients are always getting the attention they need. It is how I believe a service provider succeeds in any industry.” – Darrel Foster